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Fatty Frog

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Available in Android Market
Fatty Frog Pirates vs Ninjas

Meet Fatty the Frog! Help Fatty feed his hunger by catching an assortment of disgustingly delicious flies, moths, and the occasional flying pig. Fatty the Frog has 4 unique game modes to choose from for endless fun. Let the feast begin!


Simply flick Fatty across the screen to devour the numerous insects or click the screen to shoot out his sticky tongue to ensnare unsuspecting flies. Keep the bugs on their toes and don't stop jumping across the screen! The bugs will learn to stay away from Fatty if he stays still. Don't forget to avoid the bees! They will sting him if they get the chance.


Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase







The timeless rivalry between pirates and ninjas continues! Play the new Pirates vs. Ninjas tower defense game for the Android Operating System. Play as a pirate and kill ninjas! Or play as a ninja and kill pirates!


Place unique towers, and fight your enemy off through dozens of waves.


Not only can you play as both a Pirate or a Ninja, each game is different, meaning TWO GAMES IN ONE!